Election Day November 3, 2015

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Katjana & Supporters!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On this Election Day I thank you for your past support, and I ask you for your vote so that we can keep working together for another term!  During my first term we’ve made real progress working together on issues important to all of us Ward 7.

Since January 2014 I have worked hard for the highest possible quality of life in our neighborhoods, to be responsive to constituents’ issues, to make our local government more accessible, and to keep Somerville affordable for all of our residents.

It is clear that we all love having; open accessible government, affordability, opportunity and high quality of life standards here in Somerville. These are the wonderful aspects of living here that we all want to build upon. Our shared visions guides me, as I consider each decision that I make as your Alderman.  I always ask myself how each decision will advance our shared vision.

Like working towards… Open accessible government – I advanced your individual requests for community meetings, having a dozen since entering office in January 2014!  I’ve emailed and called you back, followed up on individual concerns regarding snow plowing, trees, rats, airplane noise, ADA sidewalks, and many personal issues. I’ve also worked on campaign finance and ethics reforms. I’ve met with over 200 residents individually, sent meeting updates, and advocated for transparent local government through meetings and better reporting.

Like… Development – change has come to Somerville. I’ve held 11 community meetings regarding developments in our neighborhoods. I worked to do everything I can to make sure development works for us; diversifying our tax base; creating jobs and most importantly balancing the needs of our residents which works toward affordability. And, I supported work which keeps families in Somerville.

Like… Improving quality life – I advanced the conversation regarding the Tufts University relationship to make sure resident issues are heard, and continue to do so. I addressed the issues of illegal rooming houses; disrupting parties; pushed and continue pushing to institute  institutional master plans as part of our Zoning Ordinance, business operating in violation of their permit; traffic calming measures; trees; eliminating double telephone poles; missing street lights and much more.

Like… Schools – I supported our schools with the resources necessary to keep our public schools healthy, because it is important for our community. I want to work to keep families in Somerville and families need good schools.

Like…. Environment - I supported every effort to be mindful of climate change – supporting a plastic bag ban – and create a focus on Alewife Brook, Mystic River, and the DCR Parkland in Ward 7 & Somerville.


With your support I am sure we can accomplish even greater things. I hope you vote for me tomorrow Nov. 3rd.


I look forward to seeing you around our Ward and city.

Kind regards,

Katjana Ballantyne

Alderman Ward 7

Vice President, Board of Aldermen


e: Katjana@Katjana.org

m: 617-440-4433



-Chair: Open Space, Environment & Energy


-Housing & Community Development

-Legislative Matters

-Youth Services