Katjana's Bio

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Katjana’s Bio

Katjana put herself through college and graduate school earning a B.A. in Political Science from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, and an MBA with an Entrepreneurship focus from Suffolk University in Boston
After graduating from St. Michael’s College, Katjana moved to the Boston area, to start her career in business.  She married, started her family and made her home in the Teele Square neighborhood of Somerville
Katjana and her family have lived for almost 20 years in Somerville. She makes her home in Teele Square, with husband Richard and two daughters, Iliana and Sophia.  Both of Katjana’s daughters are proud to be life-long Somerville residents!  In September, Iliana will start at Somerville High School, and Sophia will start pre-school at the Capuano School
The best way to get to know Katjana is to get to know what she has accomplished in business and in her volunteer work, and especially what she has been doing locally, during her past two decades of living in Somerville

Katjana’s volunteering

Katjana has a long history of volunteering for Somerville; she has volunteered in the public schools, she has volunteered as a one-on-one English language tutor for adults at SCALE, the Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences. Katjana is a board member, and past President of the Board of Directors at Somerville Community Corporation (SCC)
During Katjana’ s time as President, SCC purchased St. Polycarp Parish on Winter Hill, which is over 3 acres of land, to develop affordable rental housing, housing for ownership, and space for small businesses.  The SCC also taught financial literacy skills to help working people and families in Somerville

Katjana’s Experience

In business Katjana has over two decades of experience working with Boston area companies in international marketing and consumer product manufacturing. Katjana has worked with two start-up companies, one corporate/public company and a privately held company. She has co-founded a local, professional design firm Nilsson Associates.  She is the Executive director of Girls' LEAP, and she has worked to start a company in the Green economy, to provide living-wage jobs and to encourage local investment. Katjana has also been an active supporter of transportation improvements and mixed-use development in Somerville