Lena Webb supports Katjana

"I support @KatjBallantyne for Mayor of Somerville! I am so grateful for her time serving on @somervillebike and showing that a big family need not own a car. Best memory: seeing Katjana hauling her Xmas tree on her bike trailer, and the next year on the BUS!"-Lena Webb @finitealright
#MultiModalQueen #KatjanaForMayor #SomervilleMA #mapoli

Danielle Thompson chooses Katjana

Danielle Thompson chooses Katjana for Mayor
"There are a lot of great candidates, so it's been difficult for me to choose who to vote for, but after doing my own research and surfing through this pile of campaign literature and endorsements, I've made my choices:
Mayor of Somerville: Katjana Ballantyne, City Council At Large: Justin Klekota, City Council for Ward 7: Judy Pineda Neufeld..."-Danielle Thompson
#KatjanaForMayor #SomervilleMA #mapoli

Leiran Biton supports Katjana

Leiran Biton supports Katjana for Mayor
"I hope you will join me in supporting Katjana for Mayor of Somerville. She has been my ward councilor since shortly after I moved to Ward 7. She is responsive, problem solving, and has the knowledge and experience in city government to be an effective mayor. She also has the progressive vision on climate, transparency in government, and equity to lead our city forward." -Leiran Biton

#KatjanaForMayor #SomervilleMA #mapoli