Veterans' Services

As mayor I will do the best possible job of empowering our veterans services director to provide one-stop service for our residents who have served in the armed forces. That means helping younger veterans with access to housing, job training, public health and other services as well as helping older veterans connect with all of the elder services provided through the Council on Aging and other city departments.

Mayors have a sacred responsibility to ensure that veterans have reliable and comprehensive access to all of the specialized benefits they are entitled to receive as just compensation for their service. At the same time, mayors should remember that veterans are also residents, eligible for a wide range of other city services and programs.

As many benefits for veterans originate at the federal and state level, they are provided at the local level by a director appointed by, and accountable to, municipal government. That makes good sense: City government is – or should be – the most immediately responsive to the needs of all its residents. Our veterans have shouldered one of the heaviest burdens demanded of any member of society. As mayor, I am resolved to repay veterans by helping guide them, not only to veterans benefits, but to every city service to which they are entitled.