Letissia Scott Supports Katjana

Letissia Scott endorses Katjana’s transparency, honesty, and accessibility as a city councilor, “She’s always been about transparency and honesty, and has always been accessible to the community.”
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Maggie Joseph Supports Katjana

Maggie Joseph says Katjana is smart, strong, and always there for the people of Somerville – 24/7, “Katjana has always here to help us. We need a strong woman in Somerville.”
#KatjanaForMayor, #SomervilleMA, #Somerville, #Mapoli

Larry Yu Supports Katjana

Larry Yu believes Katjana is the candidate who can advance environmental sustainability and justice in Somerville. “Katjana consistently reaches out to diverse groups. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig into wonky policy details.”

David Scott Supports Katjana for Mayor

David Scott got to know Katjana while they were both volunteers making lunches for school kids. “The thing that people should know about Katjana is that she cares about her neighbors. She cares about all of the people in Somerville, and that’s going to make her a great mayor.”

June Pietrantoni Endorses Katjana for Mayor

“I don’t believe there is anyone else in elected office in Somerville who works harder than Katjana Ballantyne.”
June Pieantratoni has lived in Somerville her entire life and says that Katjana pays attention, investigates everything she doesn’t know about, and works hard for our community.
“You get answers from her within 24 hours! She has big ears — not physically, but she listens to anything that anybody tells her or asks her about.”
#KatjanaForMayor #SomervilleMA #mapoli #Somerville

Ellin Reisner Endorses Katjana for Mayor

“I’ve known Katjana for 17 years, and the more I’ve gotten to know her, the more I’ve gotten to appreciate her advocacy, her politics, and her leadership.”
Ellin Reisner lives in East Somerville and supports Katjana’s work on affordable housing and the environment.