Congressman Mike Capuano Supports Katjana

"I’m voting for Katjana because she has proven her leadership abilities on the City Council, she is open-minded, compassionate, and pragmatic. In short, she is the best-prepared candidate to become the next Mayor of Somerville."-Congressman Mike Capuano

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Council VP Rossetti Endorses Katjana

“Critical challenges await our next leader,” explained Councilor-at-Large and City Council Vice President Mary Jo Rossetti. “Katjana has not only the knowledge and expertise to address these challenges, but she has a proven willingness to listen, investigate, and be accountable to the Somerville community.  She is passionate, driven, and in short, an excellent candidate to lead Somerville into this next chapter.”
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Councilor Niedergang Endorses Katjana

Ward 5 City Councilor Mark Niedergang Endorses Katjana as Mayor for her progressive values, proven experience, and inclusive Leadership.

"The challenges of leading and managing the City of Somerville at this period in time are immense. There is so much change and development occurring. That is why I am supporting Katjana Ballantyne for Mayor: she is ready and able." -Ward 5 City Councilor, Mark Niedergang
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Andre Green Supports Katjana

"In both her professional and political careers, Katjana has shown she knows how to listen deeply, learn humbly, and only then act boldly. She is the progressive leader I trust to guide Somerville through the hard decisions to come."-Andre L. Green, Ward 4: Chair of School Committee.

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Ilana Krepchin Endorses Katjana for Mayor

"I’m supporting Katjana for mayor because she will be a fierce advocate for our students. Her years of experience on City Council gives me confidence in her ability to understand the needs of all of our residents, as well as how to make municipal government work well for everyone. She’ll be an advocate for racial justice, our schools and environmental issues. Please join me in supporting Katjana".-Ward 2 School Committee Member Ilana Krepchin
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Rebekah Gewirtz Endorses Katjana for Mayor

Former President of the Board of Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz stated “Katjana was always engaged in the work and a fighter for our shared progressive values. She is a person of great courage. She is guided by a sense of what is right and takes action accordingly, regardless of whether it's easy to do so in the moment. I know she will continue to do great things for the city of Somerville and that's why I am proud to endorse her for mayor."

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Electrical Workers Endorse Katjana

IBEW Local 2222, Endorse Katjana for Mayor. "... The union unanimously agreed that we must endorse a candidate that not only understands our issues but shares our values and champions our ideals.”-Brendan Keogh, chair of the local’s Committee on Political Education.

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Teamsters Endorse Katjana for Mayor

Teamsters Endorse Katjana Ballantyne to be the next Mayor of Somerville.
“ have worked tirelessly on behalf of Somerville’s working families, ensuring that workers have a strong, vocal voice on the City Council,” said Sean M. O’Brien, president of the local.
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Vote Mama Endorses Katjana

Vote Mama, a progressive political action group whose mission is “to elect moms who will fight for working families at all levels of government” has endorsed City Councilor Kajana Ballantyne to be the next Mayor of Somerville.
Thank you, Vote Mama!
“I am proud of my record in community groups, as a professional, and as a city councilor. I’ve done all of these things as a working mom, and will continue to pursue the goals I share with Vote Mama. I am grateful for their support.”-Kajana Ballantyne.

Fire Fighters of Mass Endorse Katjana

“During your tenure as an elected official, you have always supported your local firefighters. You have made it a priority to be available to listen to the issues that impact our membership and work collaboratively to find solutions,” said Rich MacKinnon, Jr., president of the 12,000 member organization. “You understand how vital organized labor is to expand opportunities and improve the lives of working families.”
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Katjana Endorsed by Mass Women's Political Caucus PAC

“We need bold leaders like Katjana who not only embody their community’s core values, but who recognize that transforming the face of our government is critical. We need more women in office because representation matters . . . Katjana is a strong leader who will act with care, urgency, and competence as Somerville’s mayor. A vote for Katjana Ballantyne is a vote for Somerville’s brighter future.” - Samantha Kelly, Chair, MWPC-PAC Board of Directors.