The 100-Day ‘Somerville Progress for All’ agenda

Mayor Ballantyne’s comprehensive 100-day policy agenda is designed to

  • take on the most pressing issues facing the City of Somerville starting first and foremost with COVID response and recovery,  
  • deliver on community priorities, 
  • strengthen basic services that impact daily quality of life, and
  • establish the practice of applying an equity lens to all City actions.  

“My vision for Somerville is an inclusive, equitable city where we can all thrive together, and I know that’s the vision this community shares. This 100-day agenda is my commitment to our city to get to work on that mission from day one,” said Mayor Ballantyne. “We face many challenges and our community has many needs and that starts with our intensive focus on COVID response and recovery. But right now, we also have so much opportunity for broader progress. This agenda is how we get our running start. This is how we seize opportunities and move forward our efforts to address the current crisis while also seeking longer-term progress for all.”