Courtesy of Bryan Bishop, Photographer

Katjana's Vision

"I envision an inclusive, equitable Somerville, where we can all thrive together." -Katjana

Somerville is a remarkably vibrant and dynamic community. Our residents include indigenous peoples, families who have lived here for generations, and immigrants from all over the world. We embody a truly grand range of experiences, legacies, and talents. The energy and spirit of our community enriches our lives and makes our city a wonderful place to live.

Join Katjana's Team
Courtesy of Bryan Bishop, Photographer

Join Katjana's team and have fun canvassing, calling and door knocking!

We value inclusivity because we believe that our differences make us stronger together. But true inclusion remains a challenge that we must continue to address. And true inclusion requires equity, so we need to keep working together for every kind of equity: racial, gender, social, economic, cultural, and environmental.

Our municipal government must take the lead in working for racial and social equity in Somerville. For our most vulnerable popultions, we must pursue  enhanced public safety, housing as a human right, affordability, an accessible job market, great transportation, great schools, a sustainable and equitable approach to our environment, our economy and our public spaces.

Above all, we must redouble our efforts to provide transparency, inclusivity, and accountability in local government.  And as we transition from the immediate COVID-19 crisis and into our long-term recovery efforts, we must make sure that Somerville's residents, businesses, and institutions will not only survive, but thrive.

Katjana has conducted a forum on issues to hear what's important to our neighbors and stakeholders across all of Somerville. This process is ongoing. Katjana has listened, and I will continue to listen and to build on the wisdom and the experience of our fellow residents to develop a practical plan for a stronger future together that is inclusive and equitable. We've made a start together. Follow these links, to read more about Katjana's plan: