Leadership in Combating Climate Change

#KatjanaForMayor @ Union Square Multi-Modal Stop

#KatjanaForMayor @ Union Square Multi-Modal Stop

Katjana's Leadership in Combating Climate Change

Katjana has been a pathbreaking leader on sustainability and environmental justice in Somerville for two decades, has worked to combat climate change, reduce solid waste, and to increase open space and better develop climate resiliency. She:

  • Was the author and sole sponsor of the 2019 Somerville Green New Deal Resolution, our visionary plan to create a sustainable, affordable, carbon-neutral Somerville; co-authored the Green New Deal for Massachusetts Now Resolution which was adopted by the State Democratic Party Platform on the Environment in 2020

  • Proposed + Sponsored the City’s Zoning Code requirement for LEED Platinum level efficiency in all new buildings over 50,000 square feet. This climate-focused requirement makes Somerville a leader at both the state and national levels.

  • Proposed + Sponsored the Native Trees and Planting Ordinance to require minimum percentages of native species

  • Proposed the new Zoning Code include requirements for sustainability, Union Square Overlay District

  • Proposed + Sponsored our Zoning Code requirement for Green Factor in all new building projects, that balances the future health and safety impacts of climate change with concerns of affordability, resiliency, and social equity

  • Sponsored the Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring energy use and emission disclosure by large building owners

  • Proposed + Sponsored ordinance amendment for a total plastic bag ban

  • Sponsored plastic cutlery ban and co-sponsored the plastic straw and stirrer ban for takeout food service

  • Advocated for fossil fuel divestment since the first day of her first term as a City Councilor

  • Supported and advocated for green cleaning supplies for use by all municipal and school custodial staff

  • Supported the creation of a position for City Arborist and the establishment of the Urban Forestry Committee

Katjana has a clear vision and a detailed plan to combat climate change.  Read Katjana's plan here: Katjana's Climate Change Combat Plan

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