100 Days Event & Spring Fundraiser

Katjana's 100 Days Event Video is live!

The video of the event is live! Watch Katjana's 100 Days Event.

We've made a great start together during our first 100 days in office, and there's much more to do. Watch the video of the event marking the first 100 days of our administration and re-energize with us for the next 630 days and more!

The virtual event includes special guests; former Somerville Mayor and Congressman Mike Capuano, Somerville Business Owner Binoj Pradhan, Affordable Housing Activist Maggie Joseph, and Youth & Family Advocate Leiran Biton. Resident, local business owner and activist, Richard Wood will conduct the event.

Connect with Mayor Katjana Ballantyne to be informed and to stay involved. We've made a great start on urgent priorities, and there is much more to do. Let's keep working for an inclusive, equitable Somerville where we can all thrive.

Thank you!

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne


There's still time to Donate, Connect, be informed, and stay involved.

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne's 1st 100 Days' Event

Katjana Ballantyne for Mayor of Somerville

Katjana Ballantyne for Mayor of Somerville

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne welcomes the Green Line Extension to Union Square Somerville