Mayor signs pact for equitable urban development

"Expanding economic opportunity - if we do it right - development is one of the most impactful ways we can bring positive investments to our neighborhoods: creating good jobs; affordable housing; vibrant business districts.

With this Compact, we are evolving that concept. We are building a more equitable urban environment. There is incredible potential to use the development industry to physically change the way people are living. With more diverse representation, we expect to see more cultural competency in our built environment.

When people move through our city, who feels like they belong?

Who's represented in its design, and who's been adapting to someone else's vision? 

We have made this commitment to give people control over the conditions they live in.

It's a powerful concept, and that what's so exciting about this initiative.

Including equity benchmarks drives innovation in the development industry and it pushes us toward more transformative change."