Affordability Plan

Katjana has published her comprehensive plan to make Somerville more affordable for everyone, to empower residents, prevent displacement, and to add increase the quantity of affordable housing in our city. Katjana is uniquely qualified to make Somerville more affordable, more inclusive and more equitable. Read Katjana's Affordability Plan here.

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Climate Change Combat Plan

Katjana’s successful leadership on environmental issues has already made our city an exemplar in climate-focused zoning and in restoring natural urban ecosystems. She'll make sure Somerville ranks among the first cities in the nation to become not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative. Katjana authored and sponsored the Somerville Green New Deal, passed unanimously by the city council in 2019. As mayor, she'll work for a healthy, sustainable future.

Click to read Katjana's Climate Change Combat Plan here

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Katjana's Food Security Plan

"Food insecurity is a major problem in the US and in Somerville, and the problem only became worse during the pandemic. No one should suffer hunger, especially not children. It is an absolute imperative that every one of us should have food. As mayor, I will work to end food insecurity in Somerville. I’ll ask for ideas and contributions and work hard to end food insecurity in Somerville."-Katjana Ballantyne

Katjana's Housing Stability Plan

"Housing stability is the basis of food security, health, and every kind of equity; education, employment, environmental, and social equity. Eviction and resulting homelessness serve no one’s best interest, and as mayor, I’ll work hard for housing stability and ending homelessness in Somerville. I’ll use every tool at hand to create housing stability while looking for even more effective tools. As mayor, I’ll be committed to using these tools to help us recover from COVID-19 without displacement."-Katjana Ballantyne.

Job Accessibility

"We need to focus on meaningful opportunities for residents living in vulnerable communities; women, and single-parent families, often immigrants and people of color, who too often shoulder the weight of poverty."-Katjana Ballantyne.

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