Mass Women's Political Caucus Endorses Katjana for Mayor

Influential Statewide Group Cites Ballantyne’s Record of “Leading by Example”on Civic Issues

SOMERVILLE – Mayoral Candidate Katjana Ballantyne announced today that she has earned the endorsement of the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus Political Action Committee (MWPC PAC). “I am honored to receive the backing of this preeminent women’s political organization in my run for the mayor’s office,” said Ballantyne, currently the city councilor for Ward 7 and a past President of the Somerville City Council. “I deeply appreciate this recognition of both my effective leadership and my record of accomplishments.”

MWPC PAC is proud to endorse Katjana Ballantyne for Somerville Mayor,” said Samantha Kelly, Chair of the MWPC PAC Board of Directors. “We need bold leaders like Katjana who not only embody their community’s core values, but who recognize that transforming the face of our government is critical. We need more women in office because representation matters. Leading by example matters. We are confident that Katjana is a strong leader who will act with care, urgency, and competence as Somerville’s mayor. A vote for Katjana Ballantyne is a vote for Somerville’s brighter future.”

Ballantyne’s leadership experience includes thirty years of professional experience in international management, nonprofits, and local government. She served seven years on the city council and was twice elected City Council President. Her leadership on women’s issues includes her five years as Executive Director and CEO of Girls’ LEAP Boston, a non-profit providing violence prevention programs for young women and girls at risk. She has successfully advocated for sustainable new housing for women of color and their families at the Clarendon Hill Redevelopment housing project on North Street and Ballantyne has created many successful initiatives including, creating Somerville’s Committee on Equity; Gender, Families & Vulnerable Populations, and #InvestInGirls, both designed to foster structural change in city and school programs in order to equitably fund and support all genders – especially those presently under-served such as girls of color.

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Girls of color make up nearly 25% of Somerville’s high school enrollment and they have the highest health risk indicators among Somerville teens, but city recreational and cultural programs have historically tilted toward boys. As mayor, I will continue my work to change that pattern in ways that will improve social and educational outcomes for all of our at-risk youth,” Ballantyne said.

In a time of increasingly fractious politics, Somerville residents need a mayor that knows how to provide inclusive leadership that builds a more equitable and thriving community. This endorsement underscores my commitment to that inclusive leadership style – and my proven ability to get things done,” Ballantyne said.

The MWPC PAC purpose is to endorse, support, and elect qualified women to achieve the MWPC’s goal of gender political parity in the Commonwealth.


Contact For Katjana’s Campaign: Josh Troop manager@katjana.org  +1 (617) 863-8644

Contact for MWPC PAC: Kat Cline  kat@mwpc.org  +1 (617) 451-9294