Katjana's Food Security Plan

Katjana's Food Security Plan

Katjana's Food Security Plan

Katjana's Food Security Plan

Food insecurity is a major problem in the US and Somerville, and the problem only became worse during the pandemic. No one should suffer hunger, especially not children. It is an absolute imperative that every one of us should have food. As mayor, I will work to end food insecurity in Somerville. I’ll ask for ideas and contributions and work hard to create and expand these initiatives to end food insecurity in Somerville:

  • Free food at school

We’ve expanded food options in several public schools to include breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks, using grant money and programs. I’ll work to expand these food options at all of our schools.

  • Weekend Backpack Programs in Somerville

I’ve packed weekend food for East Somerville kids to take home from school on Friday. As mayor, I’ll work to expand this program to all of our schools.

  • Create a take-home food option through the public schools.

We should let kids who need food, take food home from school every day and for the weekends.

Support and expand existing, successful food programs, and together we’ll create more innovative programs to end food insecurity. As mayor, I will;

  • Expand the Mobile Farmers Market offering a 50% discount for any customers that need it and accepting, SNAP, P-EBT, WIC farmers' market coupons, and senior farmers' market coupons for payment. This program provides fresh, local produce to neighborhoods around Somerville.

  • Expand Nibble Kitchen, an Arts Council program that encourages food entrepreneurs from our Somerville community with support, training, and opportunity.

  • Fund vouchers for income-eligible residents and families to buy from Nibble Kitchen, and to buy at Somerville mobile produce markets.

  • Expand Somerville Neighbors Helping Neighbors across the city.

I created Somerville Neighbors Helping Neighbors to receive and distribute personal donations between neighbors in Somerville It is estimated that we collected and distributed over thirty thousand dollars worth of donated groceries and grocery store gift cards during the past year of the COVID 19 pandemic, in one neighborhood. As mayor, I will work to expand this program city-wide.

  • Continue food security assessments to find Somerville families in need and help them to find resources.

  • Use outreach and advertising to let people know about food security programs

Food security programs and benefits are not always known to our Somerville neighbors in need. As mayor, I will use city resources to reach out to our neighbors in need and ensure they’re aware of the food resources available to them.

“I support Katjana for because she does the personal work of connecting people to people.”