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Katjana's Small Business Stimulus Plan

The economic collapse caused by the pandemic is unparalleled and especially hard on local, small businesses and the large number of workers who depend on them for jobs. It is imperative that we keep working to help local businesses restart safely, to navigate near-term uncertainties, and to get back to thriving.
Over ninety percent of businesses are impacted, many have closed or faced closure. To address this economic crisis for local businesses I’ve advocated and supported:

  • The past two rounds and the current round of the Somerville Covid-19 Small Business Relief Program.
  • This program provides relief for Somerville businesses harmed by the pandemic. A $5,000,000.00 fund has been created to bridge the gap between now and the distribution of additional federal relief, expected in February 2021
  • Forgivable loans for Somerville businesses may be available.  For information email directly to: or visit the online application portal:

As mayor, I will continue supporting the relief program in round three and beyond. I’ll also look for ways to continue providing support for the businesses that support us, like:

  • Deferring or forgiving the cost of municipal utilities, licenses, permitting, and taxes
  • Extending and enhancing our relief fund to include flexible, forgivable financing options for additional funds.
  • Additional help to businesses in applying for SBA loans and other forms of federal and state relief.
  • Encourage “Shop Local,” to promote actively, local businesses to local residents and other local businesses.
  • Enhanced investment in business development and business coaching.
  • Streamline City Government to support and retain local small businesses, and to make interaction with the city easier.
  • Create small business overlay districts along commercial corridors to increase entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Establish an Immigrant Entrepreneurs Program within the Economic Development Division to create and retain small businesses.

It is important to consider that restaurants have been especially hard hit, by the highest closure rates. Outdoor seating in dining corrals has been very successful in many cases.
I've supported extending Outdoor Dining Through the End Of 2021, and I'll support restaurants that want to use dining corrals from now on. As mayor, I will continue and expand my support for restaurants by:

  • Streamlining applications to permit outdoor dining.
  • Expanding outdoor seating opportunities for local restaurants wherever possible.
  • Municipal purchasing/resale program for outdoor dining corrals, furniture, and tents for safely operating during COVID-19